Aum 88

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Welcome to Aum 88!


- The "full game" workshop talks about market research. What are the games that sell like hot cakes today? It's one of the questions I'm trying to answer this month.

- "Hot beta features" presents another set of hot GameStudio features.

- Player's template car has learned to react to grass, ice, water and oil.
- The "Player -> Car" plug and play snippet allows the player to get in and out of a car and drive it in a level filled with enemies.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" showcases a fresh round of user contributions.

- Another 10 of your forum questions have got their answers with fully working code.

- Slin's 3rd version of "Shadow Collection" shaders is closer and closer to perfection.

- Kristaps has created a fun casual game. Read the interview and take a look at the good looking screenshots to learn more about it.

- A new game contest was launched this month. Check it out - all the needed info is in the "Winter 2009 contest" section of the magazine.