Aum 90

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Welcome to Aum 90!


- The "full game" workshop goes on showcasing nine different game ideas created by the Gamestudio users, many of them being presented as full game design documents. Read them all and watch this space to see the winner idea that will be turned into reality!

- "Hot beta features" presents another set of "Ouch! Hot!" GameStudio features.

- The car template is finished for good, so stay with me as I walk you through all its features.
- "Untitled Platformer" is the game design idea that's got the greatest number of votes at Conitec's forum. I threw in a quick game prototype in order to see if its voters at the forum were right or wrong.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" showcases another round of user goodies.

- 10 more questions that were posted at Conitec's forum have been answered with fully working code.

- Mercuryus' Model Viewer is this month's featured contribution and a tool you'd better not miss.

- See what Ulrich Seiffert can do with Gamestudio in only 20 hours! Read the interview and check out the screenshots to learn more about his "Golder Sash-A" Boulder Dash game.

- The voting for the retro game contest starts in a few days! Don't forget to visit the forum and vote your favorite.