Aum 107

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Welcome to Aum 107! Just take a look at this month's offer:


- The new AI series goes on as we get an enemy that can damage and kill the player, managing to avoid obstacles. Fortunately, the player has got a gun as well.

- "Hot beta features" showcases a fresh set of GameStudio features.

- The RPG template has received another set of highly customizable features.
- "Racer" is a motorbike racing game that has the player competing against an AI-based opponent.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" hosts your generous contributions for our game development community.

- Several unanswered questions from the forum were answered with fully working code once again.

- Horus IDE is a new lite-C editor that could give Gamestudio's built-in editor a run for its money. Read the interview and check out the screenshots to learn more about this interesting project.

- The Winter 2012 contest has started!