Summer 2008 contest

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"100 lines of code" contest


This contest has got quite a bit of attention; we have received 21 impressive entries, so head over to the forum and vote the best demo!


These are the contest demos:


- King of frogs by Clemens Möckel


- Knights on wheels by Thomas Oppl


- Weird art pencil by Vadim647


- Pacman by Vadim647


- Survival game by Vadim647


- Tower Defense by Vadim647


- Physics demo by Vadim647


- 100 Stars by Ulrich Seiffert


- Take it easy by Ulrich Seiffert


- Space travel by Ulrich Seiffert


- Ufo attack by Robert Judycki


- Trees by Nils Daumann


- Magic balls by Mironov Vasily


- Black and red by Lukas Brozio


- Bulldozer by Erik Zinger


- Flight movement by Dennis van den Broek


- Camera by Dennis van den Broek


- Ball demo by David Yee


- Flugsimulator by David Scheier


- a7titude by Christian Behrenberg


- Lines by Aris Kostakos