How do I use this?

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Serious Vegetation is a standalone project. Here's how you can run it:


1) Copy the "svegetation" folder from Aum58's code archive inside your 3GDS folder;

2) Start Wed, open level.wmp and then run the demo using svegetation.wdl. That's it!



Follow these guidelines if you want to use the script in your own projects:


1) Include svegetation.wdl in your project;

2) Place a terrain entity inside the level and attach it the action named my_terrain. Set its skill1 (size of the grassy area around the player) and skill2 (distance between two consecutive grass models);

3) Export the skin of the terrain and paint the areas where the grass and the trees are supposed to appear in green (R G B = 0 255 0)

4) Save the resulting file as colormap.tga and copy it inside your game folder. That's all!