Info for the A6 engine users

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The conversion list is far from being complete; however, I will add fresh keywords as I encounter them while I am writing the articles for the Aum.


1) First of all, lite-C is case sensitive, so use NULL instead of null, BMAP instead of bmap and so on


set (my, null); // Wrong!

set (my, NULL); // Correct



2) "time" was replaced with "time_step" because it could have created conflicts. Use time_step from now on.


my.pan += 2 * time; // Wrong!

my.pan += 2 * time_step; // Correct



3) "starter" functions don't work anymore; use function names that end with _startup() instead.


starter get_soda() // Wrong!




function get_soda_startup() // Correct





4) The definitions used for the actions end with a pair of parenthesis, just like the function definitions.


action yodas_revenger // Wrong!





action yodas_revenger() // Correct






5) All the defined objects (sounds, panels, etc) are pointers, so make sure to define them properly.


bmap first_pcx = <first.pcx>; // Wrong!

BMAP* first_pcx = "first.pcx"; // Correct


sound alarm_wav = <alarm.wav>; // Wrong!

SOUND* alarm_wav = "alarm.wav"; // Correct


string test_str = "Aloha!"; // Wrong!

STRING* test_str = "Aloha!"; // Correct


And while we are here, please note that the angled brackets were replaced with quotation marks.


6) Use "set" and "reset" to set or reset flags.


my.invisible = on; // Wrong!

set (my, INVISIBLE); // Correct


my.invisible = off; // Wrong!

reset (my, INVISIBLE); // Correct



7) "sleep (x)" was replaced with "wait (-x)".


sleep (3); // sleep for 3 seconds, Wrong!

wait (-3); // wait for 3 seconds, correct

wait (3); // wait for 3 frames, correct



8) Don't assign anything outside a function - it won't work. As an example, use function main or a startup function to bind a key to a function.

function write_data()

function write_startup()
       on_f1 = write_data; // Correct

Many keywords such as visible, passable, transparent, etc were changed to VISIBLE, PASSABLE, TRANSLUCENT, and so on. Also, the syntax for the digits that are used on the panels offers more flexibility now so make sure to read the manual - there's a lot of useful info in there...