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Another month, another good looking casual game. Let's find out more about it.


Q: How big is your team and how much did it take you to create Cubme?

A: Well, right now I am only one in the Team =) and it took me about 6 months to create Cubme.


Q: What type of game is Cubme and what is the player supposed to do?

A: Cubme is more like a puzzle game with some adventure elements. The player must help friendly inhabitants in a little village. Complete different tasks, from putting all snow cubes in correct places, to having just fun riding a sledge from hill. Of course, there are hidden and secret items in levels which you can find to get a better score.


Q: Why does the main character have such a big nose? :)

A: That’s an interesting question. In the beginning I wanted something interesting in the game about our character – so I started to make different body styles and ended up with a big funny nose.


Q: How does the player character create those paths in the snow?

A: Hmm. Basically it’s simple, but hard for me to tell. There are two flat models. One model is 10 squares above the lower model. The upper model has the most polygons which can be reduced by the players position using “vec_for_vertex”. And that’s it, you walk above the mega polygon model and the touched polygons go downside.


Q: What are some of the bonuses that can be discovered?

A: The biggest bonus is a ride with the sledge. Other bonuses (different items like train, radio controlled car, hat and other) are for your fun to find them.


Q: How did you create the sudden summer / winter level transition from the Cubme trailer?

A: That was really simple. Took all needed models and skinned them to summer theme. Put all together in the summer – Recorded replaced all summer theme with winter and recorded the next step. Put all together and the result can be seen. The most time took the re-skinning of models.


Q: What is, in your opinion, the key factor when it comes to creating a cartoon-like game level?

A: The key is in the colors. The more powerful colors there are, the more it looks like a real cartoon game. Of course, without the sound, graphic and other cool stuff the cartoon game will not be as it should be. But that’s only my opinion.


Q: Can you give us some advice for the beginners out there?

A: Read all AUM magazines, learn from them and you will see that you can do magic. Like everybody says – start with a small game, finish it and you will see how it’s going and will understand how to make a bigger game. Like some person said “Practice makes perfect” (the more you practice in game creating, the better your games will become)


And remember – Think positive.


Thank you a lot, Kristaps!