The Battle for Forgol

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The Battle for Forgol is a very impressive game, when you take into account the fact that it was created by a small team. Let's find out more about them and their project.


Q: What type of game is The Battle for Forgol? What is the player supposed to do?
A: The Battle for Forgol is a platform sidescroller RPG adventure in which the young warrior Iglarion must fight the evil immortal conquerors, because an evil magician has turned his body into a stone body. Iglarion must find five daggers and install them in his magic shield - the only weapon that can crash his stone body, in order to defeat the conquerors and release the land of Forgol. In order to succeed in his quest, he must find the five military leaders who keep the daggers.

A great adventure awaits him: he will have to deal with a large number of monsters, logical tasks, dialog with more NPCs, find equipment that will help him progress in the adventure, find friends who will help him solve the quests and destroy the enemies. The game has two types of views,  a 2D side view and another view from a bird's-eye that activates while the player is looking at the main map. All the actions and the combat are played using the 2D view. Also, you will the opportunity to use four different characters, each one of them having different abilities.
Q: How many members does your team have and what are their roles?
A: At this point we are four people. The main members of the team are Markus Schloder and Roganovic Veljko (me). Markus is working on the development of graphics, models and 3D levels, I am developing 2D levels and code, as well the all concept of the game and story, and Cameron and Colburn Hayden are working on the music. Me and Marcus put everything together, in order to improve the gameplay and the visuals of the game.
Q: What types of enemies will we fight in the game?
A: The game will have about 15 different types of enemies: rolling worm, flying monsters, desert worms, evil plants, big bosses,... We will have mostly fantasy monsters like orcs, dracons, dragons, skeletons, evil beasts... The player will have more way to fight the enemies, shooting with his magic shield, using the spells of the Wizard, hitting them with his sword, throwing daggers, jumping on enemies' heads...
Q: Did you run into any limits while using Gamestudio? If the answer is affirmative, how did you overcome them?
A: Most of our problems were related to the lighting-shadows engine. We lost a lot of time on it, and then we decided to paint the shadows of the trees and the houses directly on the terrain texture.
Q: What important feature would you like to see implemented in Gamestudio in the near future?
A: We would like to see an improved lighting-shadow engine, as well as some new features in the model editor which we most generally used for making models, among other tools for animation. (George's comment: I've got good news! Shadow mapping is right around the corner :)
Q: What valuable tools (excepting Gamestudio) would you recommend to the game developers out there?
A: We would not imagine making a game without tools such as 3D Studio Max and Photo Shop as well some a good terrain editor.
Q: Did you choose a publisher yet?
A: Yes, we have found a publisher, a publishing house with whom I have worked at previous projects and we're in constant contact with. We don't have a contract yet, so if our project won't be of interest to the people of Nintendo, the current offer we've got is what we always wanted. The game will be very much in the spirit of the Nitendo Wii games; we have raised the quality of graphics on the highest possible level, so maybe Nintendo will be interested in us.
Q: Please give us a few tips for the beginners.
A: To all those who start creating their games: set realistic goals, depending on the capacity and number of members in your team. I think that it is necessary to start with a smaller project, publish the project and see how things continue. I think that it is impossible to make a big and serious project alone, so create a team or join another team, or at least start with a smaller project, and of curse do not ever give up of your dreams.

Thank you a lot, Veljko!