3D Gamestudio Tutorial

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Martin Mastow aka Ayumi is my new hero! Not sure why? Read the answers below and you'll see for yourself.


Q: What exactly is 3D Gamestudio Tutorial and how much time did it take you to create it?

A: It's a big Tutorial on 3D Gamestudio for beginner and advanced users. The project combines my knowledge with the complexity of the AUM-issues. The developement time was ~5 months.


Q: What programming language did you use to create 3DGS Tutorial? Why?

A: C Sharp. For me it is the easiest and quickest to learn programming language.


Q: What are the needed system requirements in order to run your application properly?

A: Windows Xp - Service pack 2, Net Framework 3.5.


Q: Please walk us through the most important features of the program.


1. The tutorial is organized into code examples and explanations in order to optimize their own games.

2. A glossary explains the terms used in this program.

3. The 3rd section lists the contents of the Aum magazines from #1 to #100.

4. The 4th section lists the unanswered Aum questions which can be sorted in special sections by the users.


Q: Why did you decide to create this complex program and generously give it away to our community?

A: The most important reason is George himself. Without the AUM magazines, I never would have learned so much and therefore it is a gesture of dedication and respect to George and his monthly Aum magazines.Thank you very much, George. I also wanted to combine all the individual components that I have used over the years and to find a way on the other hand to learn more about C# language. And because we are all developers and everybody wants to learn in one or other way, I made it available to all the engine users.


Q: Do you plan to add more features to it in the future?

A: Yes, including new tutorials, for example a list on how to use the dynamic shadow(mapping) systems and a shader list. Possibly also an introduction to lite-C. Furthermore, a complex particles tutorial. A search function, if applicable, and an update function. And much more...


Q: Please give us some advice for the beginner programmers out there.

A: This is a matter of opinion. Beginners should learn the basic theory of the programming language and implemented what they have learned at the same time, practically. For me it was always an advantage to work on a program that you can constantly expand, because later you will be able to optimize the program again.


Thank you a lot, Martin!