New engine features

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Med atlas mapping


Atlas mapping, an automatic skin mapping method, is now implemented in MED. This eliminates the need to manually create a 2-sided or 6-sided mapping.







Wed improvments


The "Single Mesh" option renders a group of blocks as a single mesh. This increases the frame rate in levels that consist of complex block geometry, like cities. Most 3D cards achieve the best performance when rendering meshes of about 1000 polygons.







This new variable determines whether the entities should be loaded into the video memory when the level is loaded or only when they become visible. Preloading entities increases the level loading time, but prevents little jerks caused by the loading time that would be needed when an entity becomes visible the first time.


var preload_mode = 1; // don't preload the entities (default value)

var preload_mode = 2; // preload all the entities that are placed in the level

var preload_mode = 3; // preload all the entities that are placed in the level, as well as those that are ent_created