New engine features

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Improved map compiler


The map compiler has got two new options:

- the ability to set the minimum smooth angle;

- a checkbox that allows us to switch the tesselation on or off.





file_date (STRING* name)


Returns the last modification time of a file (in seconds) counted since the 1st of January, 1970.


STRING* compare_str = "#50";


TEXT* compare_txt =


       pos_x = 200;

       pos_y = 200;


       flags = SHOW;



int compare_dates(STRING* file1, STRING* file2)


  if (!file1 || !file2) return 0; // at least one of the files is missing? Then get out of here!

  long date_file1 = file_date(file1);

  long date_file2 = file_date(file2);

  if (date_file1 == date_file2) // the date for file1 is equal to the date for file2?

               return 0;

  if (date_file1 > date_file2) // the date for file1 is older than the date for file2?

               return 1;

  if (date_file1 < date_file2) // the date for file1 is newer than the date for file2?

               return 2;



function init_startup()


       wait (-3); // wait 3 seconds

       int compare_result = compare_dates("fire.bmp", "sprite.bmp"); // put these files in your game folder

       switch (compare_result)


               case 0:

                       str_cpy(compare_str, "The files have identical dates");


               case 1:

                       str_cpy(compare_str, "The first file is newer!");


               case 2:

                       str_cpy(compare_str, "The second file is newer!");



                       str_cpy(compare_str, "Something weird has happened!");





Improved GED


A new version of the in-game editor is available.