New engine features

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Map compiler improvements


The lightmap resolution can now be adjusted in mesh mode using the slider named "Lightmap Scale". The possible values range from 0.01 (low quality) to 8 (very high quality).




Wed improvements


Wed's Edit -> Find Object can now find objects by their name or file name as well.


aum67_hot2   aum67_hot3





The terrain_lod variable controls caching and LOD for chunked terrains. The terrain cache swaps terrain to and from the video memory, reducing the memory consumption for huge terrains and increasing the frame rate. My tests show a frame rate increase of 50-150% in regular, terrain-based outdoor levels.


function main()


       terrain_lod = 4; // enable terrain cache with 4 lod steps

       terrain_chunk = 32; // use terrain chunks of 32x32

       level_load ("terrain.hmp"); // load the terrain-based level