New engine features

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Here are the new features that have made it into Zorro's latest beta version:


- The WebFolder variable can now be set up globally for displaying live trade status on a web site.

- The strtext function can be used to read strings from an .ini file.

- The DPO oscillator was added to the TA functions.

- The AGC and EMA functions now also accept an alpha parameter instead of a time period.

- Some Zorro properties - for instance, the automatic deleting of old log files - can now be set up in the Zorro.ini file.

- The commission per asset can now be set up in the AssetsFix.dta file and by script in the Commission variable. The simulation now simulates a spread/commission account, instead of a pure spread account.

- In the SNB floor removal aftermath, many brokers reduced their maximum leverage from 400:1 or 200:1 to 100:1. The simulated default account (AssetsFix.dta) was also changed to 100:1 leverage, which affects the profit of most systems.

- The Z4 and Z5 systems are expired and have been removed from the strategy pool.

- The Z3 system now also got an equity curve trading mechanism.

- The currently profitable and suspended components of the Z12 system are now displayed in a asset/algo matrix with green and red rectangles.