Menu system

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This month I have finished the menu code and I have polished the jetpack game a bit. This is the list with the new additions:


1) The "Save" and "Load" buttons on the main are working now. I have chosen to create a save / load system that stores player's name and level number, placing the robot at the beginning of the saved level after a loading operation. If you'd better have a classic loading / saving system check out the fully working example I've coded for Planet Survivors in Aum45.




2) The volumes for sound effects, music, cd audio and master are saved at game exit and loaded automatically to and from the settings.ini text file.




3) The video resolution, the detail level, the clipping range and the brightness are saved and loaded as well. The entities in the level use a simple "material" when the "details" slider is moved towards the right side of the screen, but you can use any other shaders, etc. Also, the clipping range slider will affect the game.




4) The difficulty level is saved and used in the game. A "chicken" robot will use less fuel than a "master".




5) The keyboard can be redefined; its configuration is saved and loaded at game start.




6) The game has got some simple "enemies" which can absorb fuel from our beloved robot, causing its (mechanical) death.




7) I have added 3 different levels now, so that you can see the loading / saving system in action. Approach the friendly alien at the end of the 3rd level to end the game.




This concludes our menu making series. We have now got a fully functional menu with pretty much anything in it; feel free to add your own ideas to the code if you need to.