Space Brainz

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I'll have to admit that this month's game belongs to a category that frustrates me: the games where you have to be 100% connected to what's happening at all times, the "blink and the game is over" type of games. Still, I know that many of these games are popular (think "Doodle Jump" and the like) so I wanted to give you an example of this sort that can be expanded into a full blown game.


The game requires speed and brains; sadly, I'm only able to be either fast or smart at a certain moment, so I had quite a few difficulties finishing the game. In fact, in all honesty, I'll have to admit that I was unable to finish the game I've created. This might have something to do with the fact that the game will never end, but still my poor performance is not something to brag about.


OK, so what's this game about?




You control those 2 red boxes using the "Q", "A", "P" and "L" keys, with "Q" and "A" moving the first box vertically & "P" and "L" moving the second one. The goal of the game is to position the 2 boxes in such a way that they will fit the random grid that's being generated and moves toward the camera, without producing any collisions between the boxes and the grid.




The game starts slowly, but its speed increases after the first few grids (that's what I call those moving platforms). Each time you manage to position the 2 boxes properly, your score increases.




Take a good look at the picture above - it's a clear proof that donuts exist in space! Move the boxes into the donuts to collect extra points, but be careful to return to the proper positions, avoiding the collisions with the grids. It's not a problem if you can't pick up all the donuts, anyway - I can eat them all.




Sadly, after a while we'll have to deal with the unfriendly barrels, which must be avoided at all costs; just like those evil grids, the barrels will do everything in their power to destroy our sensitive, fragile, and yet manly boxes. So try and place the boxes in such a way that they fit the grids, collect the donuts and avoid the barrels - that's it! Do that and you will be able to avoid the "Game Over" message.




The game can (and should!) be expanded even more by adding power-ups that reverse the controls, objects that make the grids explode / disappear, items that make the boxes and grids barely visible for 1 minute or so by setting their alpha value to 10...20, and so on.


The code is extremely well commented, as always.