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Many forum users have complained about not having enough lite-C particle effects to play with. So there you have them: not one, not two, not three... let's cut to the chase - I have created eight different plug and play particle demos. Each one of them comes with its own main function, so you will be able to test them before deciding if you want to incorporate them into your projects or not. As always, these effects look much better in motion.


1st effect: Particle Barrier




We've got a blueish particle-based rectangle here. Combine it with an invisible entity that damages the player (or triggers an alarm) on impact and you'll be set.



2nd effect: Particle Cylinder


This effect simulates a cylinder which is being built using particles rotate, moving upwards until they reach the specified height, and then spiraling downwards.





3rd effect: Particle Fire


Nothing beats a good old particle based fire effect! Especially when it bundles some smoke as well.





4th effect: Particle Fountain


Since the fire can do quite a bit of damage, I have wisely included a particle fountain effect as well.





5th effect: Particle Lightning


This demo will create lightning effects. Since the effects are random, I had to add some extra code to the project in order to capture the screenshot below.





6th effect: Particle Snow


Peaceful, quiet snow effect.





7th effect: Particle Starfield


Dense, hypnotic particle starfield effect with a moderate usage of particle resources.





8th effect: Particle Vertices


This effect uses the built-in SPHERE_MDL model to simulate an animated, electronic microscope effect that blends in perfectly with one of your your sci-fi panels / monitors, etc.




All the demos are very well commented, of course.