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This time we will get to play the role of a planet explorer. Basically, you get to jump from one planet to the other, collecting the golden stars that are scattered across the universe. A new level is loaded as soon as you collect all the stars in the current level.


Everything starts nicely, with a simple galaxy.




Wait until the angle is right, and then press the "Space" key; the player (the tiny grey sphere) will be propelled into space. Don't worry, it can't die (at least not yet) - it will appear again at the top of the screen if it exits the level at the bottom of the screen. The same thing goes for the left / right axis.


Collect all the yellow stars and you will be greeted with a congratulations message. Hit Enter or press the OK button to advance to the next level.




OK, this galaxy is more complex, with more stars and more planets. It looks like this game will be a nice, relaxing one...




... if it weren't for these deadly red pulsars, which will destroy the player if it impacts with them.




See? I told you!




Still, this level can be beaten, provided that you come up with a solid strategy, choosing the best angles and starting planets, in an effort to get all the stars without destroying the player.


I had to restart the level several times until I have managed to beat it, though, so take your time and come up with the best solution. If all goes well, you will be greeted with the "You have managed to finish the game!" end game panel, and then the engine will shut down.




The code is very well commented, so you should be able to plug it into your own projects without going through too much trouble.