Floppy Bird

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This month's Plug and Play project was inspired by Flappy Bird, a game with an interesting story. You should definitely do a Google search and read about it, but here's some info: the game has become so addictive that its creator has received death threats when he posted a Twitter message in which he was telling that he plans to retire the game from iTunes' App Store.


Flappy Bird is a very simple game, with a bird that needs to avoid some pipes; apparently, it has become very addictive because it is very hard. Don't worry, our project is much easier to play, although it can become quite complicated if you manage to survive for a longer period of time. And since we've got a full blown 3D engine at our disposal, Floppy Bird is a much more complex project, with 3D parallax scrolling, randomly generated levels and more goodies that are revealed in their entirety by the fully commented source code.


Everything starts nice and easy, with our bird flying upwards while we are keeping the "space" key pressed and descending when we release the "space" key.




Still, the things can get complicated quickly, as the number of crates that need to be avoided increases.




Of course, if the things get too complicated, there's always the relief offered by the colorful "Game Over" panel...




One thing to note about the graphics used in the AUMs; I'm a horrible artist, so if you like some of the graphics that you are seeing in my projects, they are definitely not my creation. I have the right to use those graphics in my projects, of course, but since most of them are bought by me, you aren't allowed to borrow them and use them in your own projects (unless they are free for everyone). I am asked this question from time to time, so I thought that I should answer it here as well. All the AUM code is my creation (unless it's a user contribution) so feel free to use it, create successful games with it and get rich without having to pay me a dime, OK?