RPG Template

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This generous contribution comes from Dennis Van Den Broek; make sure to read the included RPG_Template_actions.pdf file in order to learn how to set it up. If you like the template and use it, make sure to donate some money to the author - his PayPal email address is dennisiscool@hotmail.com





- Animation (blend everything together from a text file)

- Camera setup (several 3rd person camera setups, some even fade out over the other)

- Collision (custom collision that pushes entity's away from each other [cilinder collision])

- Dialog system (reads from external text files, can execute simple commands)

- Gravity (nuff said)

- Input (read from external file as well, can be used for custom setup by the player)

- Inventory (simple stacking, and custom per item code execution)

- Look at (to make any entity look at another entity using bones to rotate the head/rest of body)

- NPC (simple interactive static and moving NPC's, setup from text files yet again)

- Trigger (calls custom function, used for example to trigger cutscene's etc)


All these are build as Lite-c struct's and come with header and c files. They can be taken apart, and used separately in any other project (I've done this myself often for the animation blending code).


Another Important feature is the Debug mode I've built in. If you enable that, it will draw debug lines and values in the world for alot of things.