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This time our RPG project has got a fully functional inventory; the code is based on the inventory I've created for Morrowing a while ago, but its size has almost doubled, so even I had a hard time trying to recognize it ;). Actually, the new inventory code has kept all the good things from the old version, adding new things like items that can be used only once, a damage-producing ring of fire, player / armor / attack items that actually have an effect on the player and its enemies, etc.


Well, since some of you might not know Morrowing, let's start from the very beginning, by running the main.c file from the \rpgtemplate folder.




You will see all the items that can be picked up near the player: a shield, a mace, body armor and the ring of fire. Just run into them and the items will be displayed on the inventory on the right side of the screen.




You can use all these items in the inventory by clicking the right mouse button; this will bring in the mouse pointer, allowing you to click the inventory items and thus use them. Don't click the ring of fire yet, though.




I have improved the staff / mace firing code as well; the particles are created and destroyed much faster, without producing several rays at once if the player changes its orientation fast.




The ring of fire is very powerful and can kill the enemies that touch it quite fast; enable it by clicking it in the inventory, and then press the left mouse button to use it.




If you activate the ring of fire in a wrong place, you might need to attract your enemies into it by running away from them and carefully choosing your retreat direction.




Well, I have placed a second ring of fire in the level, so you can pick the new one up and use it with better results (in case that you misuse the first one).


That is all for now, folks!