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3DGS Shell Extensions and CR Pack


This month's featured contribution consists of... two contributions from Leonid Tsinitskiy, who was kind enough to create free versions of his 3DGS Shell Extensions (mdl viewer) and CR Pack (resource packer) especially for the AUM.


3DGS Shell Extensions allows you to see how your mdl models look right into Windows Explorer, provided that you have selected View -> Thumbnails for that folder. The Aum version has a limit of 30 models per folder and can only display the newest version of the mdl format (mdl7) but apart from that it's a fully functional version of the product. If you want to get rid of these limitations, you can of course buy the full product.


Install the program and you will be able to preview your models directly, even in the "File -> Open dialog box:






CR Pack (Custom Resources Pack) compresses and encrypts the resources for 3D GameStudio A6.4+ games. CR Pack light, which is now available for free in your favorite magazine ;) has a limit of 30 items that can be encrypted in a resource file but otherwise it's a fully functional version of the product.


CR Pack light is really simple to use: place a dll and a wdl file inside your project folder, include the wdl file in your main script and you're ready to go!




The programs and their documentation can be found inside the \exquisite folder from this month's downloadable resources. Don't forget to thank Leonid Tsinitskiy for his contributions and to visit his site by pointing your browser to http://www.lion-ts.com