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Terrain shader


This month's featured contribution was made available to our community by two generous users: HeelX, who has done the shader work, and Fogman, who has decided to release it to the public as open source.


Here's a quick feature list:


-Three textures + lightmap;
-Up to three lights (sun + two dynamic lights);
-Fog is supported;
-Color mask compatible to mtl_terraintex3;
-Every texture has got its own normal map;
-Works for models and terrains.


The shader comes with a fully functional demo; open fxModelTex3Nm_demo.c and then run it; you will see an image that looks like this.




Press the "A" key to start the demo level using test textures.




Press the "B" key to start the demo using "real" textures.



You can use this shader for both non-commercial and commercial projects without giving credits to the authors, although my recommendation is that you should do that.

Thank you a lot for the great contribution, guys!