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Evonet Beta v1.0


You may have heard about Brian Pressley, aka EVO. He has coded several Gamestudio-related projects and now he has made two great contributions to our community.



1. The Acknet Secure plugin.


As you may know, http sites are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks and other cyber threats. Google Chrome displays a "Not Secure" label in its URL bar whenever you try to connect to a http site, for example.


The new version of the plugin allows your Gamestudio projects to communicate with https sites as well. You will need to have a https certificate installed in your hosting account to benefit from this feature, of course.







This tremendously useful contribution provides a great set of features:


- Registration system + formatted data creation + user email verification;

- Login system using 3 forms of security (name/password/pocal passkey, also includes server-side brute force protection);

- Account recovery system through email;

- Online file manager for uploading/downloading/deleting project files within the server's main project folder;

- Online data manager for editing/debugging your php/sql code (user database);

- Online data builder for creating custom project data;

- Bootstrap 4 homepage template that's ready for development;

- Secure user access page that's ready for development (already includes the form which allows users to change their secret password);

- Demo/code examples for all the features in the template.

- Lite-C storefront that opens products in the browser for basic in-app purchasing (includes fully working fulfillment scripts);

- Online sales manager for keeping track of all your sales;

- Help file with details on how to set up the system and how to get started using it;

- Detailed in-app purchasing tutorial that describes how to set up your products and link them to your lite-C storefront;

- Bootstrap 4 XHTML fastspring shop style (optional).


The two contributions are included in this month's archive, but here's a link to their forum thread as well:




Thank you a lot for your generous contributions, Brian!