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Welcome to Aum 58! If you need custom weapons for your game this is exactly what you'll learn to code this month! And if you use terrains for your levels you'll be happy to hear that you won't need to place the vegetation on them anymore - it will be done automatically for you.
These are this edition's highlights:

- Learn to create weapons from scratch by following this month's workshop;

- Serious vegetation: the logical update to my "Serious grass" article from Aum50 includes color map based vegetation placement (with trees and waving grass) and runs at big frame rates on regular computers even if hundreds of vegetation models are visible at the same time;
- Check out the great chrome effect created by A.Russell and improved by Ello;

- Want to learn how to create that cartoony mood in your game? Then make sure to check out Sleepy Sushi Service; don't miss the interview with Caitlyn and the nice screenshots!