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Welcome to AUM! AUM stands for Acknex's User Magazine and is a monthly magazine dedicated to the Acknex engine, the core of the GameStudio game development system, which can be found at http://www.3dgamestudio.com. Simply double click one of the magazines from the left column of this page to open it.


Each magazine contains a wealth of information for all the GameStudio / lite-C users:

- Workshops;

- New, hot engine features explained;

- A step-by-step guide through GameStudio's templates;

- Plug and play code snippets;

- User contributions;

- Unanswered questions from Conitec's forum (with answers, of course);

- Interviews with game developers;

- Great looking screenshots from various GameStudio projects;

- And of course, all the resources that were used for the all the projects in each magazine.


A few words about me, the editor of Aum Online. My name is George Dan Pirvu and I have started to program games using GameStudio and the Acknex engine back in 1997. I have created many projects for my customers: big projects for multinational corporations and many low-budget projects for small companies or individuals.


I run a small internet marketing company named Randombyte - http://www.randombyte.com - and (thank God for that!) I keep my family well fed. At least that's what I hope, because they haven't complained until now...