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Welcome to Aum 76! Take a good look at this month's offer:


- Create your first real-time multiplayer project by reading this month's workshop.
- Meet the friendly mummy and a powerful warlock that can open doors for you; they're part of the "Team Allies" plug and play AI article.

- ChrisB can't stop himself from creating great shaders and sharing them with our community. Check out his "Planet Shader" - it's this month's exquisite contribution.

- "Hot at the forum" continues to brings us the hottest contributions at Conitec's forum. We care about dial-up users as well, so we had to keep an eye on the file sizes.

- TacaTaca is a fresh project which proves one more time that the Acknex engine is very flexible, allowing us to create all sorts of games. Read the interview and check out the screenshots to learn more about it.