Aum 85

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Welcome to Aum 85! We've got a great magazine and a new contest this month!


- Learn to create huge, page scrolling 2D worlds as we wrap up the 2D workshop series.

- "Hot beta features" presents an impressive array of new GameStudio features.

- Set up a car racing demo in only 2 minutes using the new Car Template code.
- "2100" is a classical plug and play 2D game that includes 5 different enemies.

- "Hot at the forum" brings us another round of useful user contributions.

- Your unanswered questions from the forum have got their answers with fully working code.

- ChrisB has created a killer Full Scene Antialiasing plugin.

- "2010 Winter Olympics" is a game with a lot of potential. Read the interview and take a good look at the screenshots to learn more about it.