Aum 86

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Welcome to Aum 86! See what's all about:


- A new workshop series starts this month: we will create a full game from scratch, starting with the design phase and taking care of all the game details.

- "Hot beta features" presents an impressive array of new GameStudio features.

- The new Car Template has grown bigger - this month we will add enemy cars to it.
- "Gravity War" is a nice game that has the player controlling a small rocket which has to fight the gravity force.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" brings us another round of useful user contributions.

- Your unanswered questions from the forum have got their answers with fully working code.

- XD1v0 has created an impressive "Projection Shadows for all GameStudio versions" FFE.

- Iridium is a graphics and rendering extension for Gamestudio. Read the interview and take a good look at the screenshots to learn more about it.

- Don't forget to check out the "Contests" section of the magazine; we are offering 2 GameStudio Professional prizes this time!