Aum 66

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Welcome to Aum 66! I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling that this magazine contains the following articles:


- Learn to work with Acknex and its file system;

- Play with my Interled aka "INTERactive Level EDitor", which allows you to edit levels at runtime, saves them and then reuses them. All these things in a Cannons / Bananarama clone with two snowmen which are throwing snowballs at each other. And did I mention that the enemy uses adaptive AI, learning from its previous mistakes?
- Check out one of the greatest user contributions ever - the shader megapack which was put together by Nils Daumann.

- My golf example from Aum63 has triggered a golf making spree among the engine users (or maybe this is just a coincidence). Read this month's interview and check the screenshots to see an interesting, multiplayer golf incarnation.