Aum 87

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Welcome to Aum 87! We've got fresh content this month:


- The "full game" workshop discusses several well know game types, giving us their pros and cons from an indie game developer's perspective.

- "Hot beta features" presents another round of new GameStudio features.

- The Car Template has grown even bigger - this month we will add a semaphore, a speedometer and racing timers to it.
- "Turn-based game" is an interesting TBS; yes, I am listening to your suggestions at the forum.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" showcases some of your new contributions.

- 10 of your questions from the forum have got their answers with fully working code once again.

- Pad Malcom has created a voice recognition plugin that actually works!

- Spike has done it again! Read the interview and take a look at the colorful screenshots to learn more about his new casual game, which has you fighting as Popeye... sorry, as Pepe.

- Don't forget to check out the "Contests" section of the magazine; we've got the names of the Summer 2009 contest winners in there!