Aum 67

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Welcome to Aum 67! I can't fight progress anymore, so this edition is filled with lite-C code! If you are still using C-script you will find the A7 -> A6 script conversion section of this magazine to be useful. But before going there, let's see what's in store for us this month:


- Who is afraid of lite-C? If you aren't too comfortable when it comes to Acknex's improved programming language, read the "lite-C 101" section of the magazine and you'll start to make sense of it.
- Learn to create (or simply get and use) a lite-C based game menu;

- Use the normal map bitmap generator and shader put together by Torsten Simon; it's this month's great user contribution.

- "2662 - The Year of the Conflict" is a very promising game. Read the interview to find out more about it and its creators.