Aum 98

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Welcome to Aum 98!


- Learn all there is to know about c_trace by going through this month's workshop.

- Examine the "Hot beta features" section to discover a fresh set of GameStudio goodies.

- The first episode of the new RPG template is now available.
- Demolition Squad is a fun game that uses the new physics engine and puts you in the shoes of a demolition squad team leader.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" hosts your generous contributions for our game development community.

- 10 unanswered questions from the forum have been answered with fully working code once again.

- The generous Superku has designed HED, a Hitbox EDitor + code solution - it's definitely our exquisite contribution of the month.

- 9 of the participants to the Winter 2010 Contest have sent in their tips for beginners, as well as good looking screenshots from their projects. Make sure to read these tips - they're great!

- The voting process for the winter contest is almost over! Make sure to get involved and help the best entry win the A8 professional prize.