Aum 99

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Welcome to Aum 99!


As you know, Aum100 is approaching fast and I'd like it to be a unique edition. I am working at something special (and hope to finish it in time for Aum100) but I also need your help in order to make Aum100 as great as it can be. If you want to help, please email me your lite-C articles, tutorials, snippets, projects, etc and I'll include them all in the following magazine. I will wait until the 5th of June, and then I will put all your contributions in Aum100. If you have (or you can create) a contribution that would help our community, teaching it something new or saving the users some time, please send it to george at acknex dot net, or (if it is bigger than 10 MB) use a free online hosting service and email me the link to the zipped file. Thank you!


Back to this month's magazine:

- Join me as we go through a few more c_trace snippets in this month's workshop.

- Read "Hot beta features" and you'll discover a fresh set of GameStudio features.

- The RPG template moves on; the player has got a fire staff and giant spiders to fight with.
- Mind Bender is a Tetris-like puzzle game that will give your neurons a run for their money.

- "User contributions / Hot at the forum" hosts your generous contributions for our game development community.

- 10 unanswered questions from the forum have been answered with fully working code once again.

- Djfeeler has created a small, and yet extremely useful script which can detect all the available video resolutions for your PC.

- Rajoelison Andry Herizo, one of the Winter 2010 contest winners, talks about his Box2D plugin project and offers us the code for a 2D game example. Make sure to read the interview and take a good look at the screenshots!

- This was definitely a great contest, so head over to its dedicated section to discover the happy winners.