Aum 100

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Welcome to the anniversary edition of Aum - this isn't a regular magazine! It will all return to normal next month, but let's enjoy this month's super-duper content for now:


- Dennis Van Den Broek has kindly donated his RPG template.

- Addicted to Minecraft? Then you'll definitely appreciate Felix's CubeX Framework.

- TRACER (aka 3RUN) has created a good tank-based action game and a side scroller that's got a lot of potential. And his contributions didn't stop here - he's also sent snippets for c_move bbox, car physics, ladder code, laser code, physics-based movement code,  rigid entity code for 2D levels, lite-C conversions of the old Aum inventory, Resident Evil cameras and two good looking models.

- Djfeeler has converted many C-Script snippets to lite-C: the lod code from Aum53, workshops 28... 40, the terrain deformation code from Aum50, the weather workshop from Aum51, the Interactive Level Editor (Interled) from Aum66, as well as an isometric tutorial.

- Superku has sent in Optimax, a great little tool that optimizes the textures by filling the empty spaces with appropriate colors;

- Damocles has created a very useful prototyping WAD;

- Joozey offers us four nice looking models;

- John Konke has created a good looking bloody axe model.

- Random has created the code for a killer (no kidding here!) sword-based enemy.

- Ratchet has sent in a good Goblin model.

- Rojart has kindly contributed a fully functional ragdoll snippet.

- Txesmi shares a small, and yet extremely useful snippet: custom controls.

- Painkiller has created PalmBay, a great looking shooter game, and is also sharing its source code with us.

- Pavle Nikolic, my favorite level designer, has sent in "Sorcerers", a great looking level that consists of mdl files with external textures.

- Thorsten Petersen has created a fantastic road tool which allows us to build smoothed roads and rails for our games at runtime.

- Finally, my contribution is a searchable chm file that includes all the Aum1... Aum100 magazines, allowing you to find the needed information from the magazines within seconds.


But that's not all!

- JCL talks about the past, present and future of Gamestudio.

- The Artist Contest is launched! Read the dedicated section of the magazine to learn more about it.

- Don't forget to download the 3 zipped resources, totalling 600 MB of good stuff!