Car Templates 5

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This month's car template incarnation brings in a lot of new features:


1) Unlimited number of AI cars. Just place a car model in the level and then attach it the t_ai_car( ) action. Need another car? Simply copy / paste the first car and you're ready to go!


2) User-defined keys and joystick buttons. A new template allows you to define the keyboard and the joystick buttons according to your needs. Right click the t_car_keys.h file under the "Resources" tab in Wed, choose "Customize" and you will see the following window.




Type in the desired keys and buttons, and then press "Save". Close the window and the changes will become effective immediately.


3) All the file objects (sounds, bitmaps, texts, panels, fonts, etc) are created at runtime - only when they are needed - and thus use fewer resources.


4) The speedometer uses a needle entity now, so it looks crisper.


5) I have saved the best at the end: the templates use a new, commercial-quality racing level. I have bought this level from a great artist I work with - Rich DiGiovanni, I've made a few minor changes to it and I am offering it to the community. You can use it without paying me anything for freeware, as well as for commercial projects. Please note that I have used simple paths for the enemy cars that come with the demo, but you can (and should) make them more intricate.








The templates include lots more changes under the hood; we'll hopefully discuss them all next month. I'll see you then!