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Meet the Allcreon team and the name behind it: Florian Jungwirth. RC Boat Challenge uses an original idea and mixes fun gameplay with good looking graphics. Let's find out more...


Q: When and why have you started to use the Acknex engine?

A: I started to use the Acknex engine in April 2002. I was searching for a good 3D authoring tool since I had some ideas for kayak racing game. I already did some small games with Macromedia Flash and Director, but for this project I needed an engine which is tailored for creating 3D games. I searched over the WWW and finally 3DGS got my attention.


Q: Is RC Boat Challenge another example of a good game created by a lone wolf?

A: Yes, thanks to Conitec and 3DGS. Although I must say that I am not a lone wolf, since my wife does the editorial part (in the game and Marketing / PR), additional texture and level design and a friend of mine (a programmer) supports me with technical input. I cannot imagine that I could realize this game with another tool or engine in this short time and effort. Changes and improvements in the game are done quickly. Best example: I got a lot of feedback in the forum regarding the demo. All suggestions of improvement were implemented in a couple of hours. The easy-to-learn script language and the level editor is just plain great.


Q: What tools have you used to create the game (excepting 3DGS, of course)?

A: I used (my loved) Photoshop for texture design and all other 2D graphics, Cinema 4D for modeling and texturing, Milkshape for converting the 3D files in .mdl files, Corel Bryce for landscape graphics and creating some trees, WaveLab for sound mixing, Cakewalk for music composing. For the Allcreon animation movie I used Cinema 4D and Adobe Premiere.


Q: When can we expect to buy a copy of your game?

A: The planned release of RC Boat Challenge is July / August. It could be postponed since I have some other interesting projects from different companies this summer, but I think there is enough time to complete it right in time.


Q: What are (in your opinion) the key selling points for RCBC?

A: First of all I think it is one of the rare games that is concerned with rc boats. Each of the 5 boats has its individual strengths regarding acceleration, speed limit and steering. You can drive through different theme worlds (e.g. jungle, snow landscape, lava world...) either in a quick race or in tournament mode. And there are hidden bonus courses and bonus boats.


Q: What engine features would you like to see implemented in the near future?

A: Just one: better water effects and physics (one of the best water effects I have seen is in "Kayak Extreme" from Small Rockets).


Q: Have you found a publisher for your game?

A: It is hard to find a publisher in Germany at this time since they focus AAA titles. But I am convinced of RC Boat Challenge and I will distribute it at the Allcreon Online Shop if there is no other option.


Q: Please give us a few tips for beginners.

A: 1) Take care of the gameplay. If you don't have fun to play our own game then no one will play it.

2) Finish your game. During the production process it can be that you get new ideas for a new game and creating the old game becomes boring. Don't lose sight of your game, even game making can become boring sometimes.

3) Show the demo version to others, so that you can profit from their feedback. Search information for the game topic, otherwise you will not be able to create an authentic game.


Thank you a lot, Florian.