Fall 2008 contest

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"5 MB or less" lite-C contest


Send us a tiny demo; the unzipped, fully running and published (not resourced!) demo folder should have 5 MB (5,242,880 bytes) or less. Yes, this includes acknex.dll and any other files that you might need, so you've only got about 2.8 MB left for your own files. Don't use large textures or big skins for your models; you won't be able to squeeze them into 5 MB (or maybe you will ;).


Create a demo that impresses the jury and you can be one of the lucky winners. Feel free to use any GameStudio A7 edition or lite-C (even the free version) and submit your zipped entry (or entries). Please make sure to include the following:


- A screenshot of your demo;

- A text file containing your name, physical and email address, GameStudio version and other important information that we might need;

- The demo(s). Send them by email to resources@acknex.net, email us a download link or post the link at Conitec's forum, under the "Acknex Users Magazine" tread.


Send the demos before the 15th of November 2008; we will upload them to Acknex Unlimited and we will open a user ranking thread at the forum. By submitting your demo(s) you declare that:

- you have created all the submitted content, or you have the right to use it and distribute it freely. As an example, you can't use textures from commercial games; create your own textures or use textures that can be distributed freely;

- the demo(s) can be given freely to all the engine users and / or made available for free at Conitec's websites as GameStudio demos.


And what can you win? First of all, a lot of fame and respect! And then, one of these prizes:

- 1st prize: an upgrade to A7 Professional or a $500 voucher that can be used at Conitec's web store (if you already own A7 professional);

- 2nd prize: a $200 voucher that can be used at Conitec's web store;

- 3rd prize: a $100 voucher that can be used at Conitec's web store.


As always, the winners will be decided by our jury (51%) and by the votes at Conitec's forum (49%). Good luck!