Summer 2008 contest

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"100 lines of code" contest


Send us a demo that uses 100 lines of code (or less): it can be a fully working game, a rolling demo, a function that generates weird looking shapes or prime numbers, a screensaver... anything is good, as long as the code has less than 101 lines and the size of the .c file is smaller than 10 KB. The demos must be standalone projects; they should run with A7 or the latest lite-C (free or full) version.


You can submit more than one entry, but PLEASE don't use an installer - it makes our job harder. Make sure to include the following:

- A screenshot from your demo;

- A text file containing your name, physical and email address, GameStudio / lite-C version, as well as other important information that we might need.


The archived project should have less than 50 MB; if it is smaller than 5 MB, it can be sent directly by email to - otherwise please email us a download link (use a site like if you need to) or post the link at Conitec's forum, under the "Acknex Users Magazine" thread.


Send your demo(s) before the 15th of June 2008; we will upload them to Acknex Unlimited and we will open a user ranking thread at the forum. By submitting your demo(s) you declare that:

- you have created all the submitted content, or you have the right to use it and distribute it freely;

- the demo(s) can be given freely to all the engine users and / or made available for free at Conitec's websites, or as GameStudio demos.


And what can you win? First of all, a lot of fame and respect! And then, one of these prizes:

- 1st prize: an upgrade to A7 Professional or a $500 voucher that can be used at Conitec's web store (if you already own A7 professional);

- 2nd prize: a $200 voucher that can be used at Conitec's web store;

- 3rd prize: a $100 voucher that can be used at Conitec's web store.


As always, the winners will be decided by our jury (51%) and by the votes at Conitec's forum (49%). Good luck!