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Depth of field demo


This month we've got a great contribution from ChrisB, who has created a nice depth of field shader. You'll need A6 professional and a PS 2.0 card if you want to play with the demo; however, if you don't own A6 pro and you have a PS 2.0 video card you can run the demo using the included exe file.


Here's how the effect looks like, using various blur settings.








I have altered ChrisB's demo a bit, in order to make it run faster on slower PCs; however, the models on the table are high poly, so you'll need a decent cpu. To test my demo, start Wed, load the demo2.wmp file from inside the \dofdemo folder, and then run it using the demo2.wdl script file. That's all!


Don't forget to thank ChrisB for this wonderful demo, who includes normal mapping and glass shaders as well!