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J.C. Lotter kindly took the time to answer the questions for the Aum interview.


Q: What is Zorro?

A. Zorro is a development system, very similar to Gamestudio. But it's specialized not on creating games, but on creating scripts for analyzing and predicting price curves. Such scripts are used for automated trading financial assets, like currencies, commodities, stocks, etc.


Q: How does Zorro make us money? What is the minimum investment?

A. Zorro makes money by automatically buying and selling assets at the right moments. So it generates a passive income, you do not need to work for your money once you've developed your trading script. Zorro places its buy and sell orders through a broker, so you need to open an account with a broker and put some money on that account. The minimum investment depends on your trade script, but you should put up at least some hundred dollars.


Q: How should a complete beginner start using Zorro? And how should an advanced trader use Zorro?

A. A complete beginner should start reading the tutorial - just as with Gamestudio. And an advanced trader should start reading the tutorial as well. Unlike game development, trading does not require real skills or knowledge. It's somewhat similar to playing Roulette or Blackjack in a casino, although trading is a much more profitable game. Anyway there is not much difference between a beginner and an advanced trader.


Q: What is the very best trading resource that you would recommend?

A. There's a resource list at the end of the Zorro manual.


Q: What is the main difference between the Free and Sponsor Zorro editions?

A. The Sponsor edition allows you to trade with unlimited money. The free edition limits your profit to 30,000 $ per year.


Q: Why have you developed Zorro? Did it have an impact on Gamestudio development?

A: We have developed Zorro because we have been paid for it. Additionally, we do see Zorro as an instrument for globally redistributing money. Financial trading requires not much investment. It is open to anyone, even to poor people in poor countries. Extracting money out of the financial cycle and moving it into poor countries is a good thing, in our opinion.


I can not deny that Zorro's development had an impact on Gamestudio - we have no unlimited development resources. However, Gamestudio is still our main product and our main focus especially now since Zorro is ready and finished.


Q: What advice would you give to a beginner to financial trading?

A. Same as for game development: start small. And invest no money that you can't afford to lose.


Thank you a lot, JCL!