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This month I have decided to make a game that I've always wanted to create: a mini golf game.




It's a small, and yet fully functional game which can easily be turned into a "real" game, making YOU rich. Just remember me when you'll become famous as well ;) To play the game, load the level and run its associated script, move the mouse around the ball, and then press the left mouse button to shoot; a red bar at the bottom of the screen will show you the power of the strike.


I'm not a great artist (to use an euphemism) so I'm quite sure that you can create many more and much better looking levels. The code is fully commented, so you shouldn't have any problem with it.


Aren't you anxious to start playing the game? If your strike is too powerful and the ball gets out of the (green) field, you can restart the current level by pressing the "R" key. Oh, and I was just joking about presenting this game as a contest entry for the casual game contest. April 1st is really close and you know what that means...