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Last month I have made an important announcement, asking the community members to join forces in order to create a commercial-quality, community-based Gamestudio game. The response has been very good, with many experienced users, as well as beginners offering their help. Thank you a lot, guys!


For obvious reasons, we have decided that we won't pick a MMORPG game as our first project. Nevertheless, if the team stays together and manages to produce a great game, we might end up creating a game development company and getting involved in more complicated projects.


Several users (including myself) have created game design docs or have come up with interesting game ideas; I am posting their names below. All the docs and ideas were converted to pdf files and are included in this month's resources.




"Me, Myself, and My Enemy" by Terrence Collins aka Blink


"Broken Planet" by Flits


"SORCERERS - The Temple Warriors" by Pavle Nikolic


"The Arcade Room" by George Pirvu


"Mars Runs Red" by Dennis Cameron


"ENEMIES" by Robert Judycki


"DUNGEON SOULS" by Jared De Santis


"Bubble Gum Shooter" by Slacer


"Untitled Platformer" by Hendrik Philipp Felix Pohl aka Superku