New engine features

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WEDb supports concave blocks and static meshes


Wed now supports concave blocks and static meshes, which can be exported and imported to and from the ase and mdl formats. If a map contains concave blocks or static meshes, the Map Compiler must be run in Mesh Mode ("Create Meshes" checked).







This event is called several times during level loading and can be used to display a progress bar or an animation on a panel. It gets a percentage value as an argument, which is close to 0 at the first call, and close to 100 on the last call when the level loading is almost finished.


var percentage_display = 0;


panel percentage_pan


       pos_x = 400;

       pos_y = 100;

       digits (0, 0, "Level loading percentage: %.0f", *, 1, percentage_display);

       flags = visible;



function display_progress(percent)


       percentage_display = percent;



on_level = display_progress;



Dynamic lights from within Wed


A static light placed in WED can now also radiate dynamic light if its "Dynamic" flag is checked.