New engine features

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New water shaders


If you own A6 professional or A6 commercial you can use the two new, good looking water effects which come with the templates.


fx_water_mirror (A6 professional)




fx_water_env (A6 commercial)






bmap_fill (bitmap_name, bitmap_color(BGR), alpha_value)


Fills a bitmap with any user-defined color and allows you to set its alpha value.


bmap* my_bitmap; // pointer to the bitmap


panel test_pan // a simple definition for a visible panel


       flags = visible;



function color_bitmap()


       my_bitmap = bmap_createblack(256, 256, 888); // create an empty bitmap of 256x256 pixels

       bmap_fill(my_bitmap, vector(0, 255, 255), 80); // fill the bitmap with yellow, alpha = 80

       test_pan.bmap = my_bitmap; // use the yellow bitmap for test_pan (show it to the public)



on_c = color_bitmap; // press "C" to color the yellow bitmap





Toggle and radio buttons


Toggle and radio buttons can now be used in any panel definition.

var toggled = 0;


bmap on_pcx = <on.pcx>;

bmap off_pcx = <off.pcx>;


panel test_pan


       button_toggle = 10, 10, on_pcx, off_pcx, off_pcx, null, toggle_button, null, null;

       flags = visible;



function toggle_button()


       toggled = 1 - toggled;



on_t = toggle_button; // press "T" to toggle the button