New engine features

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Set "dplay_encrypt = 1;" inside function main in order to enable the encryption and compression of data packets in a multiplayer application. The encrypted packets are safer over the network and the data is compressed with 10...35%.





Returns the width (in pixels) of the string that uses a certain font.


STRING* centered_str = "This text will be placed in the center of the screen at all times";


FONT* arial_font = "Arial#24";


TEXT* centered_txt =


       pos_y = 200;

       font = arial_font;


       flags = VISIBLE;



// keeps the text in the center of the screen regardless of the video resolution

function center_text_startup()


       while (1)


               centered_txt.pos_x = screen_size.x / 2 - str_width(centered_str, arial_font) / 2;

               wait (1);







Concave flag for block groups in WED


The concave flag can now also be set for block groups in WED, being required for all the blocks that have lost their convexity due to vertex manipulations.