New engine features

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Unlimited terrain / vegetation level


A terrain / vegetation generation example (infinite_terrain.c) was added to the samples folder. The example uses 9 simultaneous views, creating an unlimited level that displays 60,000 entities per frame at a decent frame rate.





Export and import lights from WED


The export / import lights feature allows us to compile a level using different sets of lights or to split a level into several wmb entities that share the same set of lights.









This variable gives the version of the Windows operating system that is installed on the PC.


STRING* os_str = "#30";


FONT* arial_font = "Arial#20";


TEXT* os_txt =


       pos_x = 300;

       pos_y = 200;

       font = arial_font;


       flags = SHOW;



function main()


       switch (sys_winversion)


               case 1:   

                       str_cpy(os_str, "Windows 98 SE detected");


               case 2:   

                       str_cpy(os_str, "Windows ME detected");


               case 3:    

                       str_cpy(os_str, "Windows 2000 detected");


               case 4:

                       str_cpy(os_str, "Windows 2003 detected");


               case 5:    

                       str_cpy(os_str, "Windows XP detected");


               case 6:    

                       str_cpy(os_str, "Windows Vista or above detected");



                       str_cpy(os_str, "No supported Windows O.S. was detected");