New engine features

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Med improvments


MED can now globally scale, mirror, and transform models without losing their bones and animations. It also allows the separation of the bones animation matrices into their rotation, translation, and scaling components.




aum66_hot2    aum66_hot3



Wedb improvments


You can now edit terrains directly fro Wed. To do that, select the desired terrain and then press the "Scope Down" button; the terrain editing toolbar will show up.







The d3d_antialias variable can now be used to activate full scene antialiasing before the video device is opened, creating the illusion that the game runs at a much higher resolution. These are the possible values for d3d_antialias:

a) 0 - No antialiasing (default).
b) 1 - Full scene antialiasing in 3D card default mode.
c) 4 - Full scene antialiasing with 4 samples per pixel.
d) 9 - Full scene antialiasing with 9 samples per pixel.