New engine features

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WED Import


WED can now import 3DS and OBJ objects, setting their scales and origins as desired.





New library


The new strio.c library contains often used, small functions related to strings and file input / output.


#include <strio.c>


STRING* food_str = "I eat junk food!";


TEXT* food_txt =


       pos_x = 200;

       pos_y = 20;


       flags = SHOW;



function replace_startup() // uses str_replace from strio.c to replace "junk" with "healthy"


       wait (-5); // display the original string for 5 seconds

       str_replace(food_str, "junk", "healthy"); // now replace the text inside the string






GED, the new realtime in-game level / terrain editor is now included in Gamestudio.