New engine features

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Engine improvements


The engine window can now display user defined icons in the task bar. Just put an icon named 32.ico or 16.ico in your project's folder - it will be loaded automatically.





Wed improvements


The level editor can now import entire levels created in Max or Maya and convert them to wmp levels and mdl entities using Wed's "Import from FBX Files" function.







The engine can be prevented from opening a video device by setting video_screen to zero. This feature is useful for programs that don't need an engine window, such as the one below.


#include <acknex.h>

#include <default.c>


STRING* time_str = "               ";

STRING* temp_str = "  ";


function main() // writes (or appends) the current time (hh:mm ss) to a time.txt file and then shuts down the engine


       video_screen = 0; // don't open an engine window

       var filehandle;

       filehandle = file_open_append ("time.txt");

       str_for_num(temp_str, sys_hours);

       str_cpy(time_str, temp_str);

       str_cat(time_str, ":");

       if (sys_minutes < 10)  


               str_cat(time_str, "0"); 


       str_for_num(temp_str, sys_minutes);

       str_cat(time_str, temp_str);  

       str_cat(time_str, " ");

       if (sys_seconds < 10)  


               str_cat(time_str, "0"); 


       str_for_num(temp_str, sys_seconds);

       str_cat(time_str, temp_str);

       file_str_write(filehandle, time_str);

       file_asc_write (filehandle, 13);

       file_asc_write (filehandle, 10);