New engine features

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Improved video_screen instruction


The printf( ) instruction can display texts in the startup window of the engine if video_screen is set to zero. This is a great way to use the engine for applications that don't require Gamestudio's graphical power (and thus use much fewer computer resources).


function main()


       video_screen = 0;

       printf ("\n\nUse printf to print text into the startup window when video_screen is set to zero");






Improved level editor


WED's Block Properties panel was improved once again, allowing an easier manipulation of the level blocks.





A brand new set of http functions can be used to communicate with PHP scripts or to access an online database


// the ip.php script resides on Conitec's server

#include <acknex.h>

#include <default.c>

#include <acknet.h>


STRING* ip_str = "";


// start the script "ip.php" on a remote server, and return the caller's IP address

function main()


       var id = http_post("",NULL);

       while (!http_status(id))

               wait(1);//wait for the server to reply

       if (http_status(id) == 1)  //transfer successful?


               http_result(id,ip_str); //get the replied IP




               error("Error during transfer!");

       http_free(id); //always cleanup the httpid!





$ip ="$REMOTE_ADDR";
echo "Your IP: $ip";